Since 1952, Taurus Natural of Cardston Alberta has supplied quality minerals and supplements to livestock producers in Canada and the USA.

Around this time, Taurus Natural added a line of complementary supplement products and a distributorship of quality pet foods.I

In 1995, Bart Leavitt purchased Taurus Natural. Having grown up on a farm in Alberta, Bart knew the challenges that face livestock producers, and he understood the benefits of feeding the right balance of minerals to his livestock. Because of this, he also saw the potential to take Taurus Natural to the next level.

n 1975, to better meet its customers’ needs for affordable high quality minerals, Taurus Natural set up a facility in Cardston where it manufactured and packaged livestock minerals.

In 2005 Bart added a manufacturing facility in Utah, where one year later Taurus Natural began producing the industry’s very first Natural Trace Mineral Block. This innovative product quickly caught on, and competitors soon jumped on the bandwagon, producing similar products.

In 2006, Nutritional Consultant, Craig Carnell joined the Taurus team. With 20 years experience in livestock feed and nutrition, Craig consults with customers about their herd’s nutritional needs, often developing custom nutritional programs that help solve various livestock production problems.

Today, Taurus Natural has more than tripled its business since 1995 when Bart took over the reins. Despite its growth, Taurus Natural’s philosophy has remained the same since day one: personalized, knowledgeable service, high quality products and competitive pricing.


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